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Morris Charney’s 160 Articles and Posts on Construction Defects

1. Mechanical defects, sources of contamination, impediments to creating a healthy environment 32] May 24, 2019 Let’s get on with the job of eliminating R22 [CFC’s] and its replacement 410a [HFC’s] 31] May 22, 2019 Chemicals in cars, interior air quality is not good 30] May 22, 2019 Air quality problems in UK homes 29]…

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 INDUSTRY HAS IT WRONG The above photo shows a fresh air intake for a typical residential air exchanger/heat recovery ventilator. It is obviously clogged even though this is a relatively new house that was put up for sale. Industry is failing the consumer because these fresh air intakes don’t work, they get contaminated too easily…

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Pre-purchase building inspections have become meaningless

The above photo is a time exposure taken with a flash at high speed showing the amont of invisible  microscopic dust particles suspended in the air around an old wood burning fireplace. Pre-purchase building inspections have descended to the lowest common denominator. They are of little value. They are not protecting the consumer. It all has to do with the…

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The Scoop on French Drains [Foundation Drainage]

1. The first thing to appreciate is that contractors will sell their services based on what they are able to do. They are not independent professionals capable of doing a proper diagnosis without self-interest. Many will try to convince homeowners of the need to do a new French drain and waterproofing on the foundation because…

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Pre-purchase building inspections have become meaningless 1.          Encourage inspections to be done by recognized experts who have been practicing as architects or civil engineers for more than 20 years [which used to be the case]. It used to be the case in Québec up to 1994 but inspections got deregulated in…

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